quinta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2009

salute Master!!!

By Cida Lima, brazilian artist and popular art researcher

The concept of Popular Art translates what is more characteristic of the genuine culture of people. This kind of art is the primary reason of art itself.
Quoting the great brazilian modernist writer Mário de Andrade: "Popular Art is nothing more than the collective soul of a contry". It`s hard to know where the work of the artisan begins and the one of the artist ends.
The strength and originality of these works are there for us to see.
I got acquainted whith Malenga`s woks in 2005, as soon as i arrived in Maputo. I was very impressed with his peculiar style, his rigorous tecchnique.
His works transmitted me the strengthand beauty of his people, the Makondes, it is a beautiful representation of popular art of northern Mozambique.
The contemporality of his faces fascinantes me.
His creativity, once more, surprises and seduces me with the simplicity of the pieces gathered in the exhibition called "... But it is my people".
Undoubtedly,he is a master in transforming the wood.

Salute Master!
Salute Master!

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